EAT RED BRICK PIZZA with SADE CHAMPAGNE Sunday Sep 28, 2014 11am - 9pm!!!

SADE raised $100 for the Kids in our Orphanage!!! Thank you SADE. - With much love and gratitude for all you do for us and the children. - Deborah & Steve



Please eat at RedBrick Pizza in Ventura off of 4990 Telephone Rd TODAY anytime between NOW and 9pm and you will be helping me as I continue to help others! Please mention "Sade Champagne Presents Fundraiser" when you order. They will be donating 25% of the proceeds to us. EVERY TIME you support a Sade Champagne Presents ANYTHING you are helping us to change lives. We support a children's orphanage in Zambia that I'm the Official Spokesperson for, we help children to survive cancer, we help to rescue people from human trafficking, we help suicide and bullying prevention and the list goes on and on. We mentor at-risk teens, upcoming artists and help people's dreams to come true every day!!


This fundraiser will allow me and my team to continue having more charity events, keep mentoring at-risk teens and traveling to other cities to encourage communities, support aspiring performers and so much more! This is the FIRST fundraiser I have EVER had for myself and what I do  Please share this flier and invite everyone you know  Thank you everyone, and thank you to Red Brick Pizza for your kindness and belief in my dreams!  


This brought beautiful tears to my eyes! I am so in awe of all the people who support me in my mission to help others!  

When you go to RedBrick Pizza today in Ventura feel free to take a picture and post it! 


Having lunch at Red Brick to support Sade Champagne Presents fundraiser! — with Sherida Creech and Chad Vaglica at Red Brick Pizza.


Sade Champagne Thank you so much! I am in tears right now!  What a great joy 


Ashlynn and our family are eating at Red Brick today to support Sade Champagne Presents fundraiser! Please mention her name if you eat at Red Brick today!!!


Thanks to my best friend Veronika and her husband Walter for stopping by Red Brick Pizza to support us! Our fundraiser is going great  — with Walter Wintersand Veronika Esquivel Winters.


Veronika Esquivel Winters Sade Champagne: thanks for amazing food and company ... Wouldn't have missed it for the world ! 


Thank you Irene for stopping by Red Brick Pizza to support my Sade Champagne Presents fundraiser today! We receive 25% of the proceeds from anyone who mentions our name  — with Irene Castillo.


Thank you to my darling Emily for supporting my fundraiser at Red Brick pizza today! I'll be here until they close at 9pm, come say hi  — with Emily Fleming.


Thank you to my dear friend Ann for supporting#SadeChampagnePresents fundraiser at Red Brick Pizza in Ventura 


Thank you to one of my best friends Josh Enobakhare for supporting my Sade Champagne Presents fundraiser at Red Brick Pizza in Ventura! When you go there today please be sure to take a picture and send it to me on here  — with Josh Enobakhare.