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WATCH  - "DESTINED TO LIVE THE GOOD LIFEwith Drs. Deborah & Steve Powell at ALL NATIONS TV every Tuesday, Thurs, Fri & Sat. Times listed below:


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Approx. 8,000 viewers daily in 19,354 cities

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Tuesday------9:30 am  CST

Thursday-----9:30 pm CST

Friday---------3:30 pm CST

Saturday-----3:30 am  CST


All Nations TV, is an innovative Christian based broadcasting company that is meeting the demands of a rapidly evolving industry. All Nations TV, LLC uses modern technology similar to Netflix, huluPlus and 1,233 other channels that stream to your TV.  In addition, we broadcast a channel on the Roku Top Set Box under the "Religion" category, which is available in 19,354 cities in the United States.  All Nations TV, LLC, has covered all of the bases, now you can broadcast your ministry to the world via TV, PC, and Smart phones. Currently unavailable on Dish or Direct TV.


                              You can also view "DESTINED TO LIVE THE GOOD LIFE" with Drs. Deborah                                & Steve Powell on Preach The Word Worldwide Network every Monday at                                    9:00 pm PST.




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Dish Network, Direct TV, Comcast, Time Warner, ATT, Prism and all other cable services. We are proud to be a part of the Google TV family. You can watch our live and on demand programming 24/7. Simply connect the logitec Revue or Vizio Co star equipment to your cable or satellite receiver and it will automatically integrate with Google TV right on your TV. Millions of subscribers have it! Get yours today by calling your provider.

If you already have a ROKU box simply go to the "channel store" and select the "religious" category and scroll to "Preach The Word Worldwide Network or PTWWN TV". Save it to your favorites so you don't have to do this every time you want to watch the program.


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Here is a quick preview of our most current show on "Preach The Word Worldwide Network" to watch us live on TV please tune in and join us every Tuesday 8pm PST​ just Click here.

Tallahassee Fl. Nov 2012 at Preach The Word Worldwide Network