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Christmas Party Juvi Hall 2010

19 Young people incarcerated at the Juvenile hall where Deborah serves as youth chaplain. Blameless Child a group from Redding came and ministered in song and testimony and then Deborah finished off the afternoon with preaching a message of hope along with her own life story of incarceration. These tough gang banger young people were wiping tears from their eyes.

Your expression of love through your giving to provide large Christmas gift bags to each of these kids full of Christian CD's, youth devotionals..bibles...cookies andcandy melted their hearts. 15 of these kids surrendered their lives and hearts to Jesus! 2 were already saved that we knew of and the 15 were new salvation decisions for Christ. As Steve & I circulated and spoke with the Kids they told us stories like one young man that said this would be the only Christmas he would havebecause his mother was in Mexico and his dad was in jail serving time.

Several were transferred from other counties and would be separated from their families. The kids were thrilled to get their bibles and youth devotionals to have reading material in their rooms. Steve & I and Brian our revivalist saved from previous incarceration will follow up this wed evening as we have 15 new ones to disciple for the Kingdom work that lays ahead for them.

Your continued support and love and prayers allows us to bring in a different group of hip hop rappers with powerful testimonies each and every month to do a concert as well Steve & I going in weekly and pouring into their young lives.

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