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Youth Prison

Good Morning Beloved,

Steve & I stand in awe at all God continues to do through the youth we are ministering to. Here are 2 pics of 18 kids we embraced & imparted to this past Saturday at the Juvenile hall where I am serving as Youth Chaplain. Please pray for these kids.

We brought in a Christian hip hop rapper with a real testimony of past drug & gang activity. The staff alerted Steve & I when we arrived that we had a really hard group and a lot of tension and warring going on due to several new gang members that had arrived.

We were blessed to have a spirit filled staff member on duty to have total freedom during the 2 hours we were there. We prayed and took authority over every power of darkness and a strong anointing was present as all of us felt the glory of God permeate that facility.

BRIAN, our now 18 year old evangelist was with us. The first pic, above is Brian, the one on the right is the group... unidentified. I opened, then turned our guest rapper loose. Then I turned Brian loose on them-his first time ministering to a whole group of gangbangers; new ones to all of us and dangerous and influential. Brian shared where he had their league and the gutter life he came out of. He then shared with such courage, how he was saved, baptized in the Holy Spirit...with his Jesus language and how Jesus is the truth and everything else is a lie! Powerful witness to these kids.

I then iced the cake with the Lord pouring through me as I sealed the deal with my own life story and an invitation to embrace Jesus. We were overjoyed to see hands begin to lift. After we finished praying, we broke into small groups and poured into them another 30 minutes. One kid...17 yr. old...grabbed my heart. assistant youth chaplain..his wife Jen were praying with kids. Our guest rapper was praying....I looked across the room and Steve was preaching up a storm to the 2 girls currently in and pouring into them.

Back to the 17 year old. All I did was grab this kids hands and the power of God was all over him. I grabbed a chair for both of he wouldn't go out in the spirit and staff call the EMT's...Ha! He was one of the kids who raised his hand at the invitation. He told me the week before when Steve & Brian ministered at the hall that he had given his heart to Jesus. To sum it up...3 minutes later, this kid's in the Glory totally zoned out speaking his Jesus language. I got him freed up of some ugly critters. I stumbled over to Steve..interrupted everything and had the two girls take my hands. They too were enjoying their Jesus language.

Praise God for the fires of revival that are burning. More young revivalists to mentor. Thank You for continuing to pray for this facility, Steve & I, My assistant Shane and of course.....Steve & I's Kids...Brian & his wife Miriam....newly married. Thank you for co-laboring with us as your love, prayers and support allow us to have these big events each month as well as other areas of ministry we are involved in. Your Sowing

Keeps Us Going! Your reward is great at each life transformed.

Much Love in His harvest,
Deborah & Steve

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