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Pilot Reality TV Series - "Ladies In The Pulpit"

A new reality-TV show is in production that will give an inside look into the lives of Women Pastors including Pastors Wives-Ladies in the Pulpit.
Women Pastors-Ladies in the Pulpit will share the incredible journey of the role pastors’ wives’ and women in ministry. Offering engaging stories from the simple to the extraordinary lives these women experience.

The dynamic women will reveal the incredible responsibilities of a church pastor and pastor’s wife. You might recognize some of their faces, but you don’t know their engaging stories of commitment and personal sacrifice until you see the surreal life of these women.

Most women are challenged with balancing the responsibilities of home, work and church. The expectations of family members, church parishioners and outsiders only magnify those issues.

Women Pastors-Ladies in the Pulpit will expose the pitfalls of pulpit couples, show the leadership capabilities of women in the church and empower others in search of a blueprint for their own lives.

The show will attract an audience of young adults and married couples with familes between the ages of 32 and 65+ with mid to upper incomes.

Production of the pilot show will focus on Dallas, Texas (PWC of Dallas) and will begin the summer of July 2012. It will be pitched to national networks in the fall of 2012. Sister projects in Atlanta (PWC of Atlanta), Baltimore (PWC of Baltimore), Houston (PWC of Houston), Los Angeles (PWC of LA), and Washington, D.C. (PWC of DC) will begin production in 2013.

Produced by Women of Ruth Entertainment and Productions, LLC, the company is run by Christian women.

Women Pastors - Ladies in the Pulpit Reality Show will launch on as a web series in January 2013, one of three series including Women Pastors and The Pastors Wives Club. Sponsorship and advertisement opportunities available. Meet the cast HERE.
Interview with Big C "The Encourager"
Pastor Deborah Mcguire Powell interview 7.16.12.mp3​
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