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Juvi Hall 2006

Juvenile Hall 6/2006

A special thanks to Joyce and Trixey and all their friends for coming and performing and ministering for the kids. Joyce is a professional ventriloquist of over 30 years ministering with her friends. She was a delight as she kept the kids' attention with humor, singing and the message of God's love. Here is some of the feedback from the kids.

Pastor Deborah & Steve: Thanks for bringing Joyce and Trixey. They made us laugh. Was pretty cool how she does that. I thought the voices were recorded somewhere and she was turning them on. Cound not believe it was really her voice.

Chaplain Deb & Pastor Steve: Joyce and friends were awesome. The buzzard was cool and made some cool sounds. Thanks for bringing people in to make us laugh and feel good about ourselves. Her friends seemed real and shared great stories with us.

Pastor Deborah & Steve: Wow, I hope Joyce and friends come back. It was super cool the she sang so fast. Trixey was awesome and Grampa sounded like a grampa. He was old too, over 100 years she said. Thanks for remembering us in here and for sharing what Jesus did in your life and encouraging us. We know we are loved, thanks to you and all these people who keep coming every month.

Pastor Steve and Deborah: Thanks for giving up your Saturday to come and hang out with us criminals. You make us feel really loved. I have never seen a person that does what Joyce and Friends did. They were way cool. She was really good and she shared some good stories with us. Thanks for loving us and bringing these people in every month.

Special thanks to "BLAMELESS CHILD" for taking the time to come and minister to these 28 very special young people. Beth, Liz and Sam…3 adopted brother and sisters shared their own testimony of broken lives from drug and alcohol backgrounds. Their parents were abusive to them as infants due to their lifestyles. God gloriously placed them with adoptive parents who raised them in the love of Jesus. They now spend their time singing and performing to tell others that God can restore their lives too and make something beautiful out of them. They are all three under 16 years old and started writing songs at 11 years old.

Here is some of the feedback Pastor Deborah received from the kids:

Chaplain Deb;
Blameless Child was cool. I can relate to them. They are our age. You could really tell they cared about us. I was really moved by the words in their songs. Also your own story about how God changed your life and you are in the same community where you got in lots of trouble. That means God can change my life too.

Pastor Deb;
Thanks for loving us criminals enough to bring events and concerts into the hall. You really make us feel special. It is cool how the community helps you too. That means they have not given up on us. Keep doing what you and Pastor Steve are doing. The message is for sure impacting and changing our hearts. We want to learn from your example and not be adult offenders. Thanks for your prayers and the time you spend with us.

Pastor Deborah; please invite Blameless Child to return. I can relate to their story. My house is like theirs was. I am going to pray God puts me with adoptive parents who love Jesus too.

Pastor Deborah and Pastor Steve:
You guys are the best. Taking out your time on weekends to do these concerts for us. Tell the guy at the studio we say thanks. Blameless Child was the real thing. Really gets a person to thinking about the choices he is making and how his life can be good or bad. Thanks for helping us to see we have a choice in how our future turns out. Your constant concern and love for us is really effecting us and changing our hearts. How can we deny that God is real when we see what he has done with Pastor Deborah's life. You are loved from kids not so lovable to some.

Juvenile Hall Concert 3/2006

Message From Chaplain Deborah and Steve:

I want to once again this year, thank Kevin Looker from The Good Shepherds Studio for joining arms with us to provide these concerts for this special generation of young people. Special thanks to all the merchants and private parties who continue to donate so generously to allow us to continue to bring monthly events into this juvenile hall.

The impact we are making on these kids lives will last a lifetime. They are constantly telling me now thankful they are that there are really people on the outside who genuinely care about them. They think because they have made bad choices that, that somehow makes them a bad person. The love we are expressing through each concert and each event sponsored is transforming these kid's self image. We are producing world changers for Jesus- An army that will arise and conquer all of yesterdays bondages, failures and regrets. Today is a new day for this generation to arise and become all that Jesus has destined them to be.

We are so thankful to have an opportunity to impart the love of Jesus and to pour ourselves into this upcoming generation of world changers. Thank you for your continued support and prayers that allow us to remain your arms extended. Below are just a few of the letters and pictures from our concert in March. Listen to the heart of these children.

Partial excerpts of letters from four of the kids:
Dear Chaplain Deborah & Pastor Steve,
Please thank everyone who donated to make this concert possible. Through the music and the stories told, I truly have been impacted and made a decision to change my life. I know now I can have a better life than being locked up.
Dear Chaplain Deborah & Pastor Steve,
My Second Chance was Awesome. It is cool to see a group of teenagers our age who are successful in life. It stirred my heart to want to change and be more responsible and make better choices. Like no drugs and no gangs. Thanks for believing is us delinquents and reaching out to help. Keep it up please, it's working.
Dear Chaplain Deborah and Pastor Steve,
Thank you and everyone else responsible for pulling this concert off. Every time I hear your story, Deborah of how God radically turned your life around in the same system I am caught up in now, it gives me real hope that I can change and not spend all of my juvenile years locked up. I want to do something with my life like you have. Thank you for bringing people in here to remind us that we have a destiny and it's all about the choices we make.
Dear Pastor Deborah and Pastor Steve,
Thanks for bringing some joy into this dismal place. To think that you really care about and love us, blows us away. Many of us criminals in here do not know what it is to have people in our lives who really care about what happens to us. You make us feel special and so does everyone in the community that makes these events possible. Please thank them for us. Thanks for not giving up on us. We are learning to love and trust again.
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